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Green Productivity

Use of non-fired bricks to be promoted

11/03/2019 2:58:22 AM Increasing the use of non-fired building materials is a trend in many countries, including Vietnam. Preferential mechanisms and policies have opened new directions for this type of material in market access.

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Speaking with reporters from Cong Thuong (Industry and Trade) newspaper, Nguyen Quang Hiep, deputy director of the Construction Materials Department under the Ministry of Construction, said that the encouragement of production and use of non-fired building materials has been stipulated in mechanisms and policies.

As per the programme of developing non-fired building materials under Decision No. 567/QĐ-TTg, the annual target is to use 15 to 20 million tonnes of industrial waste such as ash or thermal slag to produce non-fired building materials.

If the Government wants to increase the use of non-fired bricks, the price must be attractive and full information must be given to users, said Hiep, adding that non-fired brick producers needed encouraging policies to lower costs.

Enterprises had actively applied technology and invested in production to supply the market with many quality construction material products, gradually diversifying products, Hiep said.

At the same time, Bach Dinh Thien from the National University of Civil Engineering said that it was necessary to boost communications so that non-fired bricks were more widely used.

Currently, there are many production lines of non-fired bricks with advanced technology and large capacity, including factories of Tan Thanh 9 in Thanh Hoa province; Tran Chau in Ha Tinh province; and Dai Dung Xanh in HCM City.

"With the use of modern production lines with high productivity, non-fired bricks will be cheaper and competitive in comparison to fired clay bricks," Thien said.

Source: VNS/VNA
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